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Benefits Of Access Control

Benefits Of Access Control  

Whether it is a network, your home or the personal information you keep, controlling access to these data is something you should be concerned about. Cases of homes being threatened, identities being stolen and information accessed without permission are commonplace in many news items today.  While having a security system is important, keeping access to your system is of equal importance. All the locks and alarms in the world will only be as good as how this equipment are controlled and accessed. The article discusses access control and how it can be utilized effectively to secure your home.

Home Security and Access Control

You can actually keep your data and your home more secure through technology. Your home security system can be set up so that you can have network access control. This means that you and your security company can access the system even through remote means. As long as you have data connection or the internet, you can lock down and control your home.

Security systems can take the form of locks, alarms and CCTV cameras which can be connected to a network. With a system that offers centralized control, you can add several dimensions of security to your home. However, it is also important to understand how people and users can access control the network. This way, you’ll make sure that the system itself is protected from unauthorized use.

A short list of how you can utilize access control is given in the next section.

Adding Security Measures for Access Control

Limiting Network Access – for a security system, usually only the security company and the user will have access. The security company’s access control itself is limited to monitoring alarms and responding to emergencies. It is best to limit complete network access control to one user only and have limited access for others. This way, a trusted person can be in charge of the settings, while others may still be able to come and go inside the home without any difficulty.

Using Biometric Access Control – biometric access control utilizes the person’s own body as a control to access. This can be in the form of hand prints, voice recognition or even iris scans. This kind of access control can be utilized in entry points such as doors, access to equipment such as computers and even access to the network itself. It is very handy as biometric parameters such as fingerprints are almost impossible to fake or duplicate.

Managing User Access control – managing user access may be the most important aspect of access control. For starters, users should keep their own access information private. Passwords, logins and network keys should be kept private. Be careful of phishing sites which can steal sensitive access information. Always check the access sites before logging in any information. This way, your passwords can be kept safe and secret.

Aside from ensuring your safety through managing and controlling access, you should always be aware of the different methods people may steal information. This includes methods such as phishing, hacking and scamming. Don’t give access control data freely, even to people who seemingly work for the security company. Always just stick to protocol and you’ll be sure that you, your family and home are safe.

Light up your home with Zmodo Security

Security lighting systems these days are a preventive measure taken up against criminal activities. It is basically the very first measure of security one might take up since it prevents an intruder from entering personal property by acting as a deterrent, it gives the intruder a feeling of “chances of being caught are high” and moreover the person who has installed security lighting will have an enhanced feeling of safety. Outdoor security lightings are best for preventing intrusions and trespassing in cases of uses like residential, commercial or military. The efficiency of a security lighting systems outdoor will always depend on the design of the setup. Obvious positions might hinder their efficiency, however; hidden places or unpredictable positioning will serve its purpose more effectively. A criminal will always prefer a less illuminated spot than a brightly lit area to avoid exposure!
There are many classifications in security lighting technology now a days to make homes safer since it serves a dual purpose of decoration and security. One of them is LED system. Light emitting diodes have an intense bright light which emits when it senses motion, ideal for gateways, car parks and back doors. LEDs can be placed at hiding spots, like between the bushes or at the garage door, they are small and portable which makes them easy to use. Moreover, LED are low on energy consumption which means that the user does not have to bear with too much addition to the electricity bills.
Housing security contains security alarms as well but they can be bypassed by using a security kit. Even though the possession of a security kit is restricted and rare, there is still a way to get through the security systems. However, LED security lighting has complex circuitry and is relatively difficult to detach. A smart move would be having different wiring for different lights to avoid the situation where cutting off one circuit shuts off all the lights, parallel circuits are helpful in this.
Flashlights and torches are extremely handy for emergencies and are an essential part of a survival kit at various places. Be it an outdoor activity like camping or trekking, portable and battery powered lights are on top of the checklist!
Companies these days place immense importance of energy saving lighting systems; therefore, a lighting control is important. With the increasing use of lights, energy conservation should also be taken into consideration. Installing light control devices will simply help reduce wastage of energy. It can be a computerized control where timers are set for the operating hours of the lights or separate switches to avoid turning on excessive lights. However, using solar powered lights for the security lighting would be a more affordable and conservative idea. Solar powered lights store energy from the sun in daytime and emit it at night. These lights not only help cut down the electricity bills of the user but are also environmentally friendly, solar lighting is easily available and affordable these days due to a flux in its derived demand for security lighting.

Zmodo Self Defense Safety Products

It is an overstatement to say that all the people are lazy, but it can’t be denied the fact that we love to be comfortable all the time and to have little tricks to help us with that. We cannot compare ourselves with the prehistoric men, but we can say that all the things surrounding us evolved too, so that now we can stay comfortably in the armchair in front of the TV, eating a pizza, drinking a soda, while everything else works for us. But what are the highest extravagances that we use, or not, today?
Let’s start with the self defense products which are very useful and nobody can argue with that, except for the aggressors who have the luck of knowing them more intimately. These products are mostly used by the women against those who forget we live in a civilized world. A pepper spray disguised into a lipstick, a stun gun that looks like a cell phone or a folded knife is just some of the things a woman should carry in her purse. It would actually be quite fun to see an alpha male put down by a lipstick, just because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and he would probably think about it the next time he feels the urge to assault a defenseless person.
The next helper around the house is useful for anybody, especially in a household with kids or elderly people. There are many medical alert systems available, so that whenever there is an emergency in the house, like a broken leg or a bleeding cut, a direct line can be accessed with an emergency team. This way, you will not have to search for the telephone to call, and then search desperately for the charger, and then to not catch an open line with the emergency room. A single button pushed, and the emergency will be covered right away.
Have you ever wanted to mix some pictures of your friends or family, with a certain song, to make a collage that looks just like a music video, or why not, even a movie with the wrong sound? If so, have no fear, for a video switcher has been invented, so you can make fun of all your friends by posting embarrassing movie clips with them on the social networks. You might want to change your phone number and address, though.
The last extravagance belongs to your dog and it is called the electronic dog fence. There aren’t many explanations needed, for the term speaks for itself. This is perfect for the laziest of the people who are tired of running after their dog. Or, of course, it could be used to prevent the dog from running from home. Either way, it is a modern trick to make our lives comfortable, and for that we ought to thank the twisted mind who decided that electrocuting dogs helps them be more obedient.

Security is Now Easy with Intercom Systems!

Zmodo Intercom System
When you are in a hotel room and dying of thirst, you do not run down the hall and take the elevator two stories down to the kitchen on the ground floor, and ask them to give you a glass of lemonade or orange juice immediately. Or you do not waylay a hotel staff passing by your door, and ask him to go downstairs and fetch you a bottle of your favorite drink so that you can quench your thirst. What you do is simply pick up the phone sitting on the bedside table, punch the relevant buttons for the room service and order your drink at once. That is Zmodo intercom systems for you. The ability to communicate with one another without the help of the public telephone network system is called the intercom or the intercommunication system. The intercom system comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be the telephone on the bedside table of your hotel room which helps you to talk to different sections of the hotel or with another person in another room of the same hotel. It can be mounted on the walls of rooms of large houses were walking up or down the stairs from one room to another to say the words “please come here” is just a waste of time and energy. The intercom system can be used in offices, hospitals, sports arenas, music studios and other establishments for communication between departments, individuals or groups. This intercom system can also be used as a public address system, or for playing music or for showing video clippings. It can also be connected to the public telephone network system to enable communication external to the particular establishment. The home intercom systems can be used to enhance the security of any home or any other place where the admittance of people to the place needs any restriction. People ringing the doorbell, wanting to come in, can be identified from inside the house by talking to them over this home intercom and then be allowed inside. Handicapped people who are not able to answer the door, may use this system to converse with their visitors, and then remotely unlock their door to allow their entrance. The advent of digital intercom systems has brought with it another extra feature to this existing home intercom system, i.e.) video intercom. Along with the master station, the indoor stations, the outdoor station and the wire circuitry, a micro camera and a monitor screen have been added, which gives you a picture on the screen of whom you are talking to. Thus you have both voice and visual contact with your visitor and that helps a lot in choosing whom you would like to entertain and who you would not.. This is what you call a video intercom system. While installing theses Zmodo intercom systems the laying of the wire circuitry was a very big hassle. So they decided to do away with this difficult cabling job. In came the concept of wireless intercom systems. Similar to the present concept of the wireless mobile telephony system, all the wire circuitry was done away with. The hassles of laying wires and cables have been done away with. Though this type of intercom is susceptible to external influences like interference and noise from electrical and electronic devices, people just love it, because along with the ease of installation, the wireless intercom system has brought them mobility. They can take their intercom devices with them anywhere inside the premises and still be able to communicate with others. Visit our Home Security website for more details.

Life Saving Home Security Tips to Stay Safe


Your home is usually secure when you're in it, however the real problems begin when you're away from home and spending time on vacation, work or elsewhere. Although having a security system is a great way to protect your belongings there are some ways you can improve on that through sheer common sense. Here we have prepared a few rules for you to follow so you can avoid any problems that might arise from carelessness and lack of alertness:

Create an illusion
When you're not home a dark, empty-looking house is a prime target for burglars and thieves of all sorts. For that very reason you need to create an illusion the house is still inhabited and that people are present within to discourage an unlawful entry before it happens. Make sure you have signs which warn trespassers they are being recorded on video and that there are security systems present.  Use lights which utilize motion detectors to minimize the chance for burglars to find hiding spots.
Use good locks
All exterior doors should have deadbolts installed to prevent any chance of easily breaking them down. Make sure it’s made of hardened steel and also that the door frame is strong enough to support it. Doing so will secure the entrances to your home and it will boost the overall security.
Never place any keys outside your home
Forget keys under the doormat, on the door frame, in potted plants and so on. This is a security risk and a liability you don't need when you're protecting your home from entry. Thieves will find those since most of the locations are not that hard to figure out. Make them work hard to enter your home if that is what they intend to do.
Secure your patio doors
You can do this by placing a bar on the bottom track of the door to block it from opening. This is a low-tech but easy to implement way of locking a door or window of that kind. You can also install a glass break sensor to further secure windows against unlawful entry.
Keep garage doors closed
This should be done at all times when you're not entering or exiting the garage with your vehicle. The inner doors give an easy access to the rest of the house so make sure you do that. You can also install a garage door spring contact which can help secure that entry point by hooking it up to your alarm system.
Never leave notes
Forget about notes like “Be back in an hour” or similar things for family members or anyone who was supposed to meet you while you're gone. This is a big green light for anyone approaching your home that the place is ripe for the picking. Also never forget to arm your security system when you leave your home even if it is for just ten minutes.
Kill the phones
Disconnecting the phone or turning down the volume to nothing is a good way to keep listening thieves from finding out you're not there to pick up the phone. Sometimes thieves with access to your personal information will call your home. A phone secretary could tip them off about not being at home too.